25 January 2016

Les Gets - Skiers vs snowboarders - the big question

It’s the argument thats been around as long as the tea vs coffee, its as important to a friendship as their darkest story, who IS better, a snow boarder or a skier?

Les Gets - Skiers vs snowboarders - the big question

Now we have to go into this with an open mind - I personally am a skier, my helper for this weeks article, Stevie, is a boarder. We live together, and sometimes its tense. We have come up with a few of the most important piste related questions and will tally up the most wins to come to a conclusion. It sounds fair…hopefully we will keep our friendship in tact by the end of this afternoon. 

Who is better in the park - BOARDERS and this isn't based on the fact that the last time I tried a jump it ended up in a 4 day rest and bruised ego, boarders just look better doing all their cool tricks.  Who has the easiest gear to carry - BOARDERS again, its one board vs two skis and two poles, I cant count the amount of times our flatmate Hermione has hit me over the head with her skis going through town.  Who has the speed - SKIERS Stevie “yeah but skiers have two whole poles to push themselves along with”Who can ace chairlifts, button lifts and T bars. - SKIERS I laugh daily at Stevie trying to get off a chairlift, and Alex our other boarder had numerous tries at a button lift before vowing never to do it ever again.Which is easier to learn - BOARDERS we agree that boarding is easy to pick up but harder to master tricks, and skiing is harder to pick up and a skill to make it look good.  Which boots are easier for Apres ski - BOARDERS I will go out of my way to bribe Alex’s board boots off of him - going rate is one zante drink from apres bar. 

Who is better on the slopes - BOARDERS AND SKIERS There was no way to come to a humble winner, both have their pros and cons, skiers are fast and sleek but boarders are slow and…cool looking…skiers should win but don't tell Stevie.  Who is better on the flats - SKIERS without a doubt, every skier secretly gets that smug feeling when seeing a boarder trudge through a flat.  If you're lucky, well extend the pole of friendship. Who gets the most injuries (this is a minus point) - BOARDERS this is coming from word of mouth and a lot of injured bar staff. Who gets the wettest bum (another minus point) - BOARDERS self explanatory - they spend the majority of the day on their arses.  Who looks cooler - BOARDERS AND SKIERS This is going to have to be a tie, boarders have coolness locked down but skiers are sleek.  

Who is more of a hazard in the restaurant (minus point) - SKIERS i dread to think how many hot chocolates have been lost due to my fellow clumsy footed skiers.  

Who comes in the biggest pack - BOARDERS AND SKIERS Its the worst feeling seeing a snake of skiers beating you down a slope, yes I do it too, but never underestimate the boarder pack they'll come from all angles and attack from the depths of the off piste.  Who can fall with style - BOARDERS They bounce. Who is best in the powder - SKIERS we are able to just head straight and hope for the best, apparently we don't need our knees to be above the snow line to keep moving, boarders on the other hand…RESULTS : BOARDERS 6 SKIERS 6 - ITS A TIE (because no one saw that coming)

There are a lot of pros and cons of boarding and skiing but skiing has the history of the mountains, where as boarding is a fairly new sport, as boarding becomes increasingly more attractive (its the coolness factor) just remember a boarder always needs a skier friend for those pesky flats.

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