Les Gets Snow Report 2020 - 2021

This winter has been very unusual with the closure of the lifts for the whole season due to Covid. However, we have had great snow for the whole season and many people have enjoyed ski touring and other snow activities. 

The snow arrived in Les Gets for the first time at the end of September, and then from November onwards and throughout December we had more and more snow. With around 25cm at the beginning of the month, then regular beautiful snowfalls building a magnificent coating of snow.

Holidaymakers who came for the Xmas and New Year’s holiday were particularly blessed this winter with sunshine, an incredible amount of snow and activities set up in the resort. Ski touring, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, village entertainment, orientation races in the ice and snow, sledging… plenty of activities to enjoy the resort during the Christmas and New Year holidays, all with fresh snow every day during their stay.

In January, we had incredible weather, with snowfall throughout the month, coupled with beautiful sunny days. This made the snow cover ideal for winter sports even without lifts. 

During February holidays, holidaymakers once again enjoyed beautiful days and activities adapted to the snow conditions. At the beginning of February, Sahara winds surprised us and deposited a lovely pink layer of sand on the snow, which was an incredible sight. And on the eve of Valentine's Day, we had a beautiful snowfall allowing snow lovers to enjoy the beautiful white landscape under a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.

In March, before the resort was closed for lockdown in France, the weather became milder, giving the resort a spring-like atmosphere, and the cooler nights kept the snowpack in good shape. The ski touring and snowshoeing hikes were incredible thanks to the exceptional conditions.

We do hope that the conditions will be just as ideal as this year for the 2021-2022 season.

Les Gets Snow report 2019 - 2020

Once again this year, Les Gets opened the season with a magnificent coating of snow, white coat thanks to phenomenal snowfalls during November and December. The resort opened its slopes for the weekend on December 14th and then continuously from the beginning of December's holidays. Holidaymakers during the Christmas and New Year weeks enjoyed excellent skiing conditions thanks to this thick layer of snow. The local people had already enjoyed a lot of ski touring and snowshoeing before the opening of the slopes.

New snowfalls came during the Christmas holidays, adding a lot of centimeters to the snow cover already installed and ensuring optimal skiing comfort on the slopes.

At the beginning of January, we had beautiful weather, always cool, with a superb blue sky, sunshine, and excellent snow. At night, negative temperatures kept the snow cover in perfect state. At the end of January, we had fresh snow dumps several times which meant there was a strong base for the February school holidays.

In February, snowfall became rarer, with beautiful sunny days during the school holidays. Families were able to enjoy fantastic skiing conditions and excellent weather.

At the end of February and beginning of March, the snow came back for several more snowfalls, and temperatures rose as the first fortnight of March passed. The clement weather set in and gave to he resort a spring skiing atmosphere. Unfortunately, the resort had to close on March 14th due to a decision made by the French Goernment about the Covid-19 conditions across France but ended on an incredible last weekend for the lucky ones present. Sun, skiing, and blue skies were the watchwords for this early closure.

Les Gets Snow Report 2018 - 2019

Again, the snow was phenomenal before the start of the ski season, we had huge snow dumps before the lifts opened and there were many locals ski touring (ski randonnée) on the slopes in early/mid December, posting phenomenal powder shots on social media before the season had started. The lifts were open on 14th December for the weekend.

All the pistes were open during Xmas week and the snow depth was good. It was beautiful weather during the day with blue skys and the skiing conditions were excellent. We then had a top of snow for New Year's week.

During February, we had warm weather, however, with so much snow on the pistes it was sometimes a little slush to the late afternoon.

In March we had variable weather, with many snow dumps and temperatures varying from below zero to slightly above zero but again with so much snow, the piste conditions were always good.

After the lifts closed, the locals with mountaineering skis were posting on social media incredible photographs and videos of powder skiing to the usual standard of the best day of the season before the lifts opened and after they had closed.

When we weren’t experiencing extreme snow falls we were having heat waves, making bbq weather at the end of feb.

Les Gets Snow Report 2017 - 2018

The snow was phenomenal from before the start of the ski season, enabling the lifts to open early.   This was great for the locals and holiday makers who came out early and had great snow conditions and empty pistes.

The snow storms were relentless throughout the Christmas and New Year period.  We had a few unhappy fair weather skiers, however the off piste skiing was the best it had been for around 20 years.  Les Gets was fortunate as it was able to stay open during high winds, andnothing was closed.

In January, the freezing level rose, meaning that the lower pistes had a little rain, however, there was so much snow that there was little effect on the piste.   In fact, the rain compressed the base layer, making the avalanche risk lower, hence it was safer to ski off piste.

By January, the sky's cleared, leaving amazing skiing,

February was bitterly cold, a great time to test out hand-warmers and heated socks.  With the cold weather came clear blue skys and the piste conditions maintained throughout the day, every day, for the whole of February.

In March, unusually, we did not experience spring snow, the quality was comparable to a good January with occasional snow dumps and blue sky days - all in all a great month.

April - finally spring came, the weather warmed up enough for BBQ weather in the afternoons and with the amount of snow we had, slushy snow was minimal. At night, the temperatures dropped below zero, enabling the pisters to ensure the pistes were in good condition.

Les Gets Snow Report 2016 - 2017

This was the final El Neno year in a row, typically a bad year for snow.  The snow was good but with a slow start, with Xmas and New Year being very thin and people going to Avoriaz or skiing on the few slopes open in Les Gets.

We did get a snow dump in October, however, hot air from the west quickly melted this before the season started.

Les Gets only opened 5 pistes and 2 lifts for Xmas and New Year, the transport companies were providing lifts to Avoriaz for the advanced skiers.

Mid January onwards, there was enough snow and at times it was icy.   However, with sharp edges and good technique, ice can be great fun for carving.

From around the third week in January, piste conditions were good to the end of the season.

Les Gets Snow Report 2015 - 2016

Xmas week we had poor snow, however, after the challenging start, we had a good season.

Les Gets Snow Report 2014 - 2015

The start of the ski season was challenging - we had the worst Xmas for 40 years and this is not expected again for another 40 years! However, on the second Friday night of the ski season, there was a massive dump of snow. Many people could not get to their resorts on a Saturday and the police were not allowing anyone without snow chains to drive up to the mountain villages. New Year was brilliant. The rest of the ski season was average however the end of the season was not quite as good as normal as a 'base' had not built up as would be normal. The best weeks for skiing were mid-January and March.

Les Gets Snow Report 2013 - 2014

Just before the start of the ski season, the snow was not great - so only a very few lifts opened early. A few days before everyone arrived for the first week of the season, there were a few massive dumps of powder and the snow was great for Christmas and New Year.
Whilst the base was weak, there were regular 'dumps' throughout the ski season, so the pistes were generally good throughout the season. The weak base and the very late end to the ski season meant that the pistes were not so good the last week of the season, but good in general apart from this.

Les Gets Snow Report 2012 - 2013

The Ski season 2012-13 was even better than 2011-13. The ski lifts opened early and conditions for Xmas and New Year were outstanding.  Half term was very good and the lifts could easily have stayed open for another week or two after the end of the ski season. The snow continued so long that the opening of the mountain biking, at the end of May, had to be delayed due to the snow.
Outside the ground floor apartment at Chalet Hastings, the snow was even deeper than the previous season, and stayed around 2 metres deep through the whole of the season. Overall, this was a fantastic season.

Les Gets Snow Report 2011 - 2012

For 2011-12 ski season, Les Gets had the best snow for around 30 years. Up to mid December, we had hardly any snow at all - and then in the third week in December we had the most amazing dumps of fresh snow. Christmas and New Year were both excellent. Outside the staff apartment, the snow was around 3 meters deep for most of the season - towards the end it was may be 1.5 to 2 meters deep. In the middle of the ski season, we had temperatures as low as -26 degrees C overnight. There were still extraordinary amounts of snow falling each night, even after the ski lifts had closed. Susan waved off the winter staff who were driving home on 21st April with thick snow on the ground. The day the lifts closed, the staff went for a last ski/snowboard and came back glowing saying how fabulous the snow had been. Our staff reported that it was like skiing in January on fresh powder - on the last day of the season!

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