You will get an e-mail from us, two weeks before your holiday, with directions. You can also read the section Address/Directions/Parking in the chalet manual on your dashboard.

We will ask you to call us approximatley 30 minutes before you are due to arrive and will will try to have someone meet you at your chalet if it ready.

On busy days, and when the snow is deep, it may not be possible for us to meet you at the chalet at the time of your arrival, in these cases, we will give you a code  to gain access to the accommodation and will arrange to meet you as soon as possible to show you around the chalet. If you arrive late in the evening, we may decide it is best to meet you the following morning.

Les Gets is around an hour's drive, in good traffic and road conditions, from Geneva airport. From Geneva airport you can either take a transfer (which we sell) or hire a car.

You will be sent detailed directions to the chalet you have booked, around two weeks before you are due to arrive.

No problem, we can give you the code to your property  and call to see you the following morning at a pre-arranged time. 

A member of the team will meet with you at the Chalet to show you around and explain all the services and facilities available and give you advice on all aspects of what Les Gets has to offer together with special events and activities taking place during your stay.

Yes - if come directly to Chalet Hastings ( where our office is) you can change, leave your bags with us and go out for the day. If you want to ski, you can even have your equipment delivered to Chalet Hastings and your ski passes can be ready for when you arrive. Either we can take your bags to the accommodation you have booked at the end of the day - or you can take your bags yourself.

On departure day, you need to be out by 10:00 so we can clean and prepare for the next guests, however, you can leave your bags at Chalet Hastings, spend all day on the mountains, come back at the end of the day and then start your journey home.

Not only does this give you more time on the slopes, but you also miss the worst of the traffic.

Yes - we have a number of partners for nanny or creche services, these are all shown on this page.

If you would like help with booking one, please just ask, please be aware that at peak times these services do get booked up well ahead.

Each property can normally be put on hold for 48 hours before you must pay your deposit. To put a property on hold, you follow the reservations process.

To secure your booking, you pay on line following the instructions given.

If you do not pay your deposit within the 48 hour period,  you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming it is no longer on hold.

Sometimes, we will extend the period to up to 4 days when a property can be on hold, in these cases, you will have 4 days to pay the deposit and if you don't pay within 4 days, you will not receive the automated confirming that the booking has been cancelled.

You can make the booking through our online booking system. You select the dates you want to book, our system will show you the price, you then press the button to reserve, you are asked for the minimum amount of information and your reservation is then on hold for 48 hours before you need to pay your deposit.

To pay the deposit, you can either do this when you are making the booking on line, or you can either log into your account or you can pay using the link you are sent when you initially make the reservation.

Alternatively you can call us.

When you initially make a reservation you will be sent an e-mail with a link to pay on line. You will also be sent details of how to log into your account. You can pay by any of the following:

  • paying on line when you first book.
  • logging into your account and paying.
  • clicking on the link you are sent when you make your reservation

We take Visa and MasterCard, you can also pay with AMEX by choosing the Paypal gateway.

We have two payment 'gateways' - one with PayPal and one with our bank Credit Agricole ( one of the largest banks in France). Our preferred method is Credit Agricole. If you prefer to pay with PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account and you can see the exchange rate there and then.

A deposit of 30% is payable within 2 days of the reservation being made.

If you do not pay your deposit within a defined period, our system will automatically cancel the reservation and you will get e-mail confirmation of this.

If you want to hold onto these dates, and no-one else has booked them, you can either re-enter the booking yourself or contact the office and we will do it for you.

Winter Season

Normally in the ski season, bookings are Saturday to Saturday. Please note, for 2021-22 we are taking bookings Sunday to Sunday for Xmas and NY Weeks.

Short stays or more flexible arrival and departure days are available for most properties (not all) for bookings within the following periods:

  • 12th December 2021 to 18th December 2021 
  • 2nd to 28th January 2022

For the dates above you can choose to arrive on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and have your departure on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The minimum stay is 3 nights.

Please note, the per night price when booking a short stay or a stay which is not Saturday to Saturday is higher than when booking Saturday to Saturday ( apart from Xmas and NY weeks in 2021 as these are Sunday to Sunday).


During all summer season, book your chalet or accommodation from 4 nights. 

The arrival and departure can be chosen the day you want without any restriction. 

Please note, if you stay less than 7 nights, the price per night is higher. If you stay more than 7 nights, the price of each additional night is one seventh of the weekly price.

In order to give our customers the best possible value, we have to be careful what cancellation terms we offer, otherwise we would have to increase our prices so there is margin to cover any increased costs/risk.

Our terms are clear that payment of the deposit is a commitment to pay the full amount of the holiday.

The first action to take should always be to contact your insurance company. A good insurance policy should compensate in almost all reasonable cases.

We are giving the customer the option to cancel providing the following process is followed and under the circumstances as below, this is over and above our terms and conditions:

  • The customer must send a cancellation notification in writing by e-mail and must be either a signed pdf document by or originate from the same e-mail address as the person who completed the booking for
  • The customer must pay the outstanding balance in full, the agreed terms and conditions must be complied with ie the outstanding balance must be paid at least 8 weeks before the date of the start of the holiday. This is also important for an insurance claim.
  • We will then put the holiday booking up for sale. 
  • If we are able to re-sell the week, we will give a full refund to the customer minus a fair cost for our administration work.

Obviously, if you need to cancel, the more notice you give us, the higher the chances are of being able to re-sell the week, so if you know before the due date of the outstanding balance that you need to cancel, the best action would be to pay the outstanding balance early and tell us you need to cancel.

If the dates cannot be re-sold, the client must forfeit the full value of the holiday.

The benefit of these terms are that we are able to offer excellent value to our clients, if we were to offer re-funds then we would need to build in a margin to cover these costs hence increasing prices to all clients.

If you have an emergency with your property (eg. Burst pipe) we have a 24 hour emergency number you can call and we will try and resolve the issue for your as soon as possible. We live in Les Gets and we have staff the village, so are able to come out to deal with an emergency as quickly as possible.

There is a two tier cleaning system:

  • The Standard Clean - Included in the rental is a ‘basic cleaning fee’ for us to come round after you have left the chalet clean. Our cleaning team will then go through the chalet to ensure it is clean to our high standards and ready for the next guests
  • The Full End Clean - You can walk out of your chalet having done no cleaning – we then charge extra. We call this a full end clean (but we do ask you to strip the beds if you have used our linen and also take the rubbish to the bins).

What you need to do if you ask for the ‘Basic Clean’:

If you opt for the ‘basic’ cleaning, you are expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • If you have hired bed linen and towels from us, please put them in the plastic bags provided, inside your accommodation by your front door. (Please do not remove the mattress covers and pillow protectors) (Covid19 measure)
  • Empty the fridge and put in a plastig bag to throw away with every other food item in the chalet (Covid19 measure)
  • Wipe the kitchen worktops and sink
  • Load the dishwasher and set it off - we appreciate that the programme may not finish before you leave, but if it does, please put everything away.
  • Sweep or hoover the floors
  • Empty all the rubbish bins and take the rubbish bags out to the rubbish bins.
  • clear up any spillages
  • leave bathrooms reasonably clean
  • Replace everything where you found it

If you would like a full end clean and have not booked one before you come on your holiday, please contact Chalets1066, at least 3 days notice is needed before your leaving day to book this ( and this is subject to availability of staff).

Included in the rental fee is a standard clean. You need to leave the chalet in a fairly clean state, our cleaning team will then go through the chalet to ensure it is prepared to our high standards and ready for the next guests. We always spot check after the cleaners have left to ensure nothing has accidentally been missed.

Extra fee for a full end clean: If you would rather not do any cleaning at the end of your stay, we offer a full end cleaning service. Prices are shown on our reservation system and depend on the size of the chalet/apartment.

Optional Covid-19 Clean - This is also an optional service, it is separate from a full cleaning and specific to the disinfection of the chalet / flat. The extra work includes: wiping the surfaces with an alcohol cleaner and also spraying the property with a disinfectant using an electrostatic sprayer

For some chalets, the full end clean is included, this is shown on the chalet page on our web site.

If the password re-set does not work, or you cannot log in, this is because the cache on your computer/device is holding your old password or the settings on your browser are such that cookies are not allowed*.

The solution is for you to check that cookies are allowed ( and if not change the settings to allow them) and then do one of the following:

1. Use a different browser which you have not used before to log into our web site.
2. Clear the cache AND cookies in your browser.
3. Open a private window for your browser ( this is an option when you open the browser), with a private window, history and cookies are then not saved.

For more details on how to clear cache and cookies and also to manage cookies, please see the following links:

*The number of cyber-attacks has increased significantly this year and for this reason, we have moved our website to a higher security server. This means our website will be more sensitive to any possible security risk. Whilst the process above may take a little time, we are ensuring your security.

Les Gets skiing area should be open from the Saturday the 17th of December 2022, depending on the snow conditions. If the snow conditions are good before this date, the lifts could be open during the weekends. 

Closing of the skiing area : the 10th of April 2023, depending on the snow conditions. 

All these openings depends on the weather and sanitary conditions, as well as any external impacts not identified up until now. 

Spoony Cooks will offer a chef service for 2 nights minimum, with the exception of the peak weeks ( New Year, Half Term, etc). Chez Toi will offer a minimum of 5 nights.

However, with the meal delivery services you have complete flexibility, with Bon Appetit you put your meals in the freezer and use them when you want, with Direct Dining, they will deliver for just one night, they cook the meals in the morning, deliver in the afternoon and you heat up in the evening.

Of course, call us and we would be happy to help and advise.

The bread and croissants are made early in the morning, in Les Gets. We collect your order at around 07.15 from the patisserie and deliver to you with our 4 wheel drive vehicles.

We need your booking for the full week before, as the patisserie has to plan and schedule their work.

We sell you the bread and croissants at exactly the same price as you in the patisserie shop. We only charge for delivery and admin and our delivery charge is the same if there has been a one-metre dump of snow or if the roads are clear.

Within the context of the cost of a ski holiday, taking into account: travel, ski passes, equipment, and other costs, the additional cost for a chef is relatively small yet makes a big difference to the holiday experience.

There are many benefits of booking self-catered accommodation and chef service separately: 

  • You pay the Chef Directly: Our partners for meal delivery and chef services are all local companies we have built up a relationship with over many years, we know they offer good quality at good prices. You pay them directly, we are not taking a margin on this service.
  • Choice of the level of service: Meal delivery, standard home cooking chef service, high-quality restaurant standard, and Michelin standard. You chose exactly the level and price you want.
  • You are assured of quality service. All the chefs we recommend are fully qualified and work in high-quality restaurants or luxury liners in the summer.
  • Price Comparisons: We have carried out detailed price comparisons with a number of companies offering 'all in' chalet or hotel ski holidays. We have taken great care to ensure that the level of service we have compared with is at least like for like and located within a radius of 20 km of our properties. For a group of 8 people: 4 adults and 4 children, we have found savings as much as 5000 € for a week. Of course, the savings are different for each week of the season and are also dependent on which company the comparison is being made with and we cannot guarantee such savings.
  • A better business model:  When you book a fully catered chalet holiday or a hotel, the operator has to employ a chef and host for the whole of the ski season, including those weeks that the operator does not sell. Staff have to be paid for these weeks.  A proportion of the fee you pay therefore has to go towards paying the staff for weeks they are not generating an income - hence increasing the price the operator must sell at.

For more details of the benefits of booking with Chalets 1066 and separate chef or services.

For more details of Catering services.

A detailed point: we manage properties both where the owner has not recovered the TVA on purchase and also those where the owner has recovered the TVA on purchase. We are careful to comply with French regulations for both situations. Where the owner has not recovered TVA on the purchase of the property, we are not allowed to provide a chef service ourselves ( this is provided by one of our partners). Where the property owner has recovered the TVA on the purchase of the property, the French regulations allow us to provide chef service ourselves, but we believe it is best this is managed by our partners who specialize in this. We do however, provide other services to these properties for compliance with the regulations.

We have run our business for over 12 years, we live in Les Gets, we have built up good relationships with many local businesses, we have tried all their food and we only recommend those we know to offer excellent quality at a good price.

The Frozen gourmet meals are made in a small village around 20 minutes drive from Les Gets by Martin Clare who previously worked as a Chef The Savoy in London and who also was the Chef for the wedding of Alex Polizzi, known as The Hotel Inspector on UK television. She gave him an excellent review. 

The Chef cooked meals are made in the morning, delivered late morning/afternoon ready for you to warm up.

The quality of both is good.

There are two ways you can hire ski equipment:

You can go to one of the shops in the village, we have agreements for our clients to have discount with the ski shop Berthet Sports.

Alternately, you can have ski equipment fitted/delivered to your chalet, this can be arranged for a time suitable for you.

Duvets and pillows are provided.

There is an additional charge for a full linen pack, this includes: sheets and duvet covers, pillow cases, bath and hand towels, bath mat and tea towels. We include bed making in the price for the linen pack.

Where there is a fire, the firewood is provided (with the exception of the appartment Wessex). Please not that we do not provide kindling or firelighters. You can buy this at the garage in Les Gets and in all supermarkets.

Hairdryers are usually provided in all properties.

Every property has a supply of rinse aid and salt, washing up liquid, general cleaner, toilet cleaner.  We also provide you with a few dish washer tablets, two toilet rolls and a cloth to get you started.  No food items are supplied at all.

Almost all chalets include Fondue and Raclette sets. Please do take great care to ensure you clean them properly after using them. There are also shops in the village that will rent these out and provide the cheese and meats especially.

Yes, we can organise the very best ski school, private instructors and area guides.  Les Gets is home to a wide range of mountain sports including downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, ski paragliding, mountain biking and on-road cycling...and many other incredible activities.  We know the very best people to help you experience all of the activities on offer. You pay the instructors directly, this gives you the best value.

We can arrange airport transfers, we sub-contract to a company we have a good partnership with, we train all their drivers in the exact location of each property, they also have mainly 4 wheel drive vehicles, so you can be assured of getting to your chalet. Details of airport transfers are on this page. Once you have booked your accommodation with us, you will then have the option of adding on airport transfers.

If you would like taxi's while on your holiday, contact us and we will arrange this, however, do book at least a day in advance, as these services do get busy at peak times.

Check in is 16:30 hrs unless the chalet is ready before and check out is before 10:00 hrs.

If you want to arrive early on your arrival day and/or leave later on your departure day, you can come to Chalet Hastings, where we have our office, leave your bags with us and go out for the day.

Many customers have their ski equipment delivered to Chalet Hastings and also their ski passes, this way you can arrive early and go straight out skiing/enjoying the village and return later in the day and then go straight to your accommodation when it is ready.

Please note, if you do not have your own transport,  you need to arrange the transfer of your bags in advance with Ski Transfers.

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