11 April 2012

Les Gets - Our First Day's Skiing in the ski resort

Quite frankly not having been able to afford skiing lessons over here as well as everything else (we learnt - well had had a few sessions - at Xscape MK) we kitted out, took the bus into Les Ges (there is a free bus which circles the town every 30 minutes) (as well as a train which circles the village too!), and took the "Bubble lift" up to the Chavannes area.

At the Chavannes area there is the colourful hustle and bustle of a bristling skiing site, and to start with we took to the nursery slopes. Yep, nursery slope! No one minds and a small lift carries you 100 yards or so and you gently ski down - trying out the basics. Actually, we found this just the right way to start off and quickly reminded ourselves of what we had learned at Xscape MK. Happy with our snow-plough turns we took to the blue slopes and we were away. Yep there were a few falls (make sure you wear a helmet), but there were lots of laughs; and within this first day we seemed able to improve to be reasonably fluent skiers and we really began to enjoy the amazing scenery and sense the buzz, the adrenalin and the excitement of our new-found sport.

Lunch in the Alpine Lodge (a restaurant / café) was great - friendly and pleasant. And this turns out to be the sort of place that a parent can sit and watch children skiing up and down for many happy hours!

Really enjoying Les Ges today - and to get back to Chalets 1066 we could take the "Bubble lift" into Les Ges and then the bus - OR if we were feeling brave, we could ski back to the road and walk just the last 200 yards! Wow.

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