7 January 2021

Ski touring, beautiful weather on Mont-Chéry - Les Gets

Another beautiful day to start 2021 with excellent conditions for ski touring on the Mont-Chéry side today: amazing snow, cool temperature, sun and blue sky. Nature treats us with its most beautiful colours!

Today more than ever, the mountain showed its magnificent face with clear, cloudless skies, radiant sunshine and excellent temperatures for Mark to ski tour independently. Nothing better than climbing from the village to the Belvedere du Mont-Chéry to get your legs going. So early in the morning, Mark followed the trail of a few brave people and during his ascent, he met a few ski tourers who, like him, were motivated by the reward of an incredible view of the village.

It is very cool today in the resort of Les Gets, enough to ensure optimal conditions under the sun and during the effort. Once the goal is reached, up there on the promontory of the Mont-Chéry lookout, time stands still and Mark admires the superb white Chavannes slope dressed in the snow that has fallen in abundance over the last two weeks. The ski lifts are at a standstill and waiting for tonight's decision on their opening. Snowshoe walkers, pedestrians, skidoos, splitboarders and other hiker-skiers are all here, also enjoying this incredible and peaceful setting.

Ski touring, beautiful weather on Mont-Chéry - Les Gets

We can only recommend you the benefits of ski touring, a sport that is both dynamic and contemplative, to take your eyes away! Well equipped, and by following the advice of guides or by organising with them a short outing to the most incredible corners of Les Gets, you can't help but be won over by this accessible sporting discipline, which provides a feeling of intense satisfaction. The climb is similar to a good mountain hike, with techniques and equipment adapted to grip the snow well.

During a well-deserved break at the top, the skier-hiker enjoys the view, the surrounding nature and the joy of having achieved his sporting goal.

Then on the descent, it is time for a second reward with the intense pleasure of letting oneself slide down the slopes in complete serenity. Nothing compares to this feeling of fullness when you love the mountains, skiing, nature and physical activity. Ski touring is a real combination of thrills on its own, so let yourself be tempted the next time you join us in Les Gets!  


Incredible view from the Mont-Chéry slope on the way up admiring the peaks of Nyon and Chamossière in the background.


As you can see, the slopes are groomed and prepared while waiting for the decision to open the resorts. The snow is excellent and sparkles in the sunshine of this beautiful sunny day.


A pister, in the middle of his work, goes by skidoo to reach the top of the Mont-Chéry chairlift.


Mark isn't the only skier to take on the slopes of Mont-Chéry today!


Last picture on the village of Les Gets, very quiet this week after the end of year festivities. You can even see the mounds of snow created by the snow cannons. The whole resort is getting ready to welcome skiers as soon as possible!


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