25 October 2023

January Holiday in Les Gets: Your Ultimate Winter Guide

Discover the serene yet lively atmosphere of Les Gets in January. With tranquil, snow-covered landscapes, an array of winter activities, and exclusive events, it's the winter paradise you’ve been dreaming of!

Nestled in the majestic embrace of the French Alps, Les Gets offers a winter experience that blends the serene beauty of snow-clad landscapes with the gentle hum of village life. It’s cozy yet adventurous, intimate yet vibrant, especially in the magical month of January. Let’s explore why Les Gets is the alpine paradise you didn't know you were missing.


January in Les Gets: No Crowds, Just Quality

Come January, Les Gets offers a snow experience that’s hard to beat. Blanketed in top-notch snow, areas like Chavannes and Mont Chéry become almost private playgrounds for skiers. The trails, extending over 120km, are quieter, giving both new and seasoned skiers the space to enjoy the slopes at their own pace.

Mont Chéry stands out for its meticulously maintained pistes. It’s a spot where you can enjoy your runs with a backdrop of stunning views, minus the crowd. It feels less like a popular ski destination and more like your own slice of alpine paradise.

In the village, the atmosphere is calm. Iconic spots like the Les Gets sign are not swarmed with tourists, and every view of the majestic peaks feels like it’s put on display just for you. January turns Les Gets into a place where each visitor can find their own quiet corner to enjoy the winter wonder.

Simply, January offers the best of Les Gets – great snow, fewer people, and an atmosphere that makes every moment spent in the village and on the slopes feel exclusive.


Lively Apres Ski Culture

The heart of the village is where warmth meets character. Drop by Bar Bush, known for its friendly atmosphere and live music. Or have a nice time at the Irish Pub, for homemade beers and tasty tapas. And if you feel like playing darts, drop by the Babylon Bar. The list continues as at each corner of the village center you’ll face a place where hot chocolate is rich, the fireplace is roaring, and every laugh reminds you of the village’s soulful charm.


Winter Activities Off the Slopes

Les Gets isn’t just about skiing and snowboarding. There’s a whole world of winter activities for those looking to explore beyond the slopes.

Alta Lumina: When the sun sets, Lac des Ecoles transforms into an enchanting light and sound spectacle. Alta Lumina is not just a forest walk; it’s an immersive journey through a storyline illuminated by mesmerizing lights.

Sources du Chery Spa: In the heart of the village, find your sanctuary of relaxation. With areas designed for both kids and adults, it’s a universal pause button for those looking to relax, rejuvenate, and escape the cold.

Snowshoeing Adventures: Strap on a pair of snowshoes and step into the silent world of alpine winters. Les Gets’ trails invite explorers to wander through snow-laden forests and pristine landscapes, offering a peaceful yet invigorating experience.

Museum of Mechanical Music: Fancy a musical interlude? With 800 mechanical musical pieces, this museum hits the right note for those seeking an unusual, yet captivating, indoor exploration.

Scandinavian Adventures: Didier, a man as enchanting as the dog sled rides he orchestrates, offers a journey through snowy landscapes, pulled by a team of enthusiastic huskies.

In Les Gets, the allure extends beyond the groomed slopes. Each corner of the village, and the nature that cradles it, invites visitors into a world where the magic of winter is felt in serene forests, under starlit skies, and in the cozy warmth of alpine retreats.

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Exclusive Winter Events in Les Gets

Montreux Comedy Festival

This year, Les Gets echoes with laughter, thanks to the Montreux Comedy Festival at Salle de la Colombière. It’s a perfect mix of top-notch comedy and the village’s enchanting ambiance. But here’s a tip - getting a seat is like claiming first tracks on a powdery morning. Early booking? That’s not advice; it’s a necessity.

2024 Junior Alpine Ski World Championships

Mark your calendars for January 27th to February 3rd, 2024. Les Gets, among other iconic Portes du Soleil locations, plays host to young skiing talents from across the globe. It's not just a competition but a grand display of skill, passion, and the vibrant spirit of alpine sports. Five resorts, six disciplines, and athletes from 54 nations - it’s a spectacle of winter sports excellence.

And if you’re wondering what else is on the winter events menu, keep an eye on our events page. It’s not just a list but a curated selection of the most anticipated happenings around Les Gets. We’re talking about the kind of events that transform a ski trip into a holistic alpine experience. We keep it updated, so every season, you’re in the know about where the fun’s at.


Les Gets Unplugged: January Edition

Les Gets morphs into something special come January. It's a mix of silent, pristine trails and the communal buzz of local events. The village, veiled in fresh snow, becomes a junction where natural tranquility and cultural vibrancy meet. It feels less like a popular ski resort and more like a homely retreat where every slope, trail, and event is a personal experience.

A word to the wise - book early. January isn’t your typical peak-season rush; it’s an intimate affair, where the blend of nature’s finest and the village’s warmth makes every moment in Les Gets not just memorable, but deeply personal.


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